May 22, 2024

Photo by @shotbymustopha via unsplash

Chief Scout of Greek-based football agency, Sepuya Inc, Mr Tihomir Sloboda has dropped a hint on the qualities expected of African players when they arrive in Europe for trials.

The Serbian scout whose focus is on the Eastern European market urged African players moving to any part of Europe to prove that they have what it takes in a bid to convince the clubs they are trying out with.

Mr Sloboda was speaking on an Instagram Live session organised by Footballers Connect ahead of his visit to Ibadan, Nigeria come 21st July for a scouting match arranged by Chatroom with Football Legend in conjunction with PM Sports Management-Switzerland.

‘It’s hard for them you know,’ Mr Sloboda said.

“From the Coaches, the scouts and all employers of the club are watching. The player must be at minimum 30% or 40% better than domestic players. If you want a chance, prove that you are better than the domestic player.

“In every country you have limits for foreigners. For example in Serbia, you have two foreigners in the second division. The current players in the league are doing really well. Teams can sign up to four players but it must be worth it before they spend so much money.”

Mr Sloboda further emphasised on the need for African players to use what they have to get what they so much desire in Europe.

”The boys are talented they just need to adapt to the European requirements. The first steps to succeed in Europe as an African is speed, spirit and strength. If you have these, then we start looking at the tactical aspect which distinguishes the African market from the European.”

Photo by @shotbymustopha via unsplash

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