May 22, 2024
Kaura Unity Football Tournament will "tentatively" take place in September 2022, and the grassroots program will feature footballers throughout the Pearl of Tourism state, which consists of 20 Local Government Areas.

Patrick Pascal (MON), the chairman of the Bauchi State Football Association, has praised Alhaji Mohammad Muttaka Duguri’s efforts to identify talent in the State’s circuit as the sponsor of the “Kaura’s Unity Football Tournament.”

Since taking over as FA Chairman in 2019, “MON,” as Pascal is affectionately known in the football industry and beyond, has introduced new models for the development of football in Bauchi State.

Through grassroots football initiatives, the Super Eagles Coordinator and his like-minded board members created the idea of Peace and Unity restoration into the state of the “Pearl of Tourism.”

Patrick Pascal (MON) praised and responded to the breathless sponsorship decision for the Alhaji Mohammad Muttaka Duguri Peace and Unity Football Tournament.;

“Alhaji Mohammad Duguri has been a passionate follower of football, thus, he accepted our proposal to help actualize the idea of Peace and Unity Football in  Bauchi State. 

“To some extent, we have known for quite a while. He is magnanimous and leaning on his magnanimity in terms of grassroots football competitions would benefit the restive youths of our beloved State. Because, for us, as the drivers of the football system in the pearl of tourism state, our focus has always been on Grassroot Football programs, which, we emphasized before coming on board and we are following that path systematically since we stepped into the office. Of course, it is a known fact that events like Kaura’s Unity Football Tournament will be an avenue for us to discover talents across the State” 

The Bauchi State Football Association is currently putting all essential safeguards and systems in place to ensure that the tournament proceeds smoothly.

The Kaura’s Unity Football Tournament which will take center stage in September 2022, would consist of teams from the 20 Local Government Areas of Bauchi State.

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