July 20, 2024

Home of Ballers has partnered with SISU Africa, a sports management company that combines athlete representation with marketing.

The partnership will create more visibility for grassroots players for scouting opportunities by colleges affiliated with SISU.

Exceptional players who intend to study and play football will also benefit immensely from the scholarship opportunities.

Home of Ballers CEO Chidi J. Myles highlights the importance of having more credible platforms for players’ visibility and education as a critical factor in the partnership.

“We look forward to a productive partnership as we believe that more players will be discovered and dreams will be achieved,” Chidi said.

He further noted that education is very crucial, and it remains one of the main core values of Home Of Ballers.

Home Of Ballers Vision to see a working grassroot system that ensures players’ visibility sees this partnership with SISU Africa as a step forward in the right direction.

SISU Africa aspires to become Africa’s foremost export for talent combining athlete management with educational empowerment as empirically shown through their partnership with Johan Cruyff Institute.

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