May 22, 2024
Inter Lagos FC set to compete in the 2023/2024 Nigeria National League campaign…

One of the founders of Plug Sports, an athlete management company, Lanre Vigo has established a football club, Inter Lagos Football Club, to ‘reflect the spirit of Lagos and its diversity.’

Following the footsteps of Sporting Lagos FC, the club has confirmed it will compete in the 2023/2024 Nigeria National League campaign.

Lanre, a registered football intermediary, said in a video that establishing the club aims to give Lagosians a club they can call their own.

“Our journey to establish Inter Lagos is a dream rooted in culture and identity, he said.

“Our wanted to create a football club that Lagosians could call their own. A club that reflects the city’s spirit and diversity.”

“Inter Lagos is more than a club, it is a source of pride. It is where young talents can find their footing, and where some fans can come together to celebrate our shared love for football.”

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