May 22, 2024

One of Nigeria’s telecommunications brands, MTN has become the headline sponsor of the inaugural NLO Cup.

Sixteen best teams will take part in the NLO Cup which kicks off on November 24 to December 9 2023 at the Sani Abacha Stadium, Kano and Uyo Township Stadium, Uyo.

Chairman of the nation’s third-tier league His Excellency Silas Agara announced that the two-year discussion has finally yielded.

“On behalf of the leadership of the NLO, we are delighted to announce MTN as the headline sponsor of the NLO Cup,” Agara said in a statement.

“The NLO Cup tourney was conceived as a medium to celebrate teams that have excelled in the graduation from the State League to NLO U19 and from the Youth League to the NLO Division One.

“The credibility of the NLO over time has made MTN pitch their tent to the nation’s third-tier domestic league for this project. The project is a success of this partnership in a discussion of over two years, with NLO and MTN to have come to this stage.

“MTN as a responsible corporate organization wants to support Nigerian youths through grassroots football development, as they have identified football as the major source of joy for over 60 percent of the youths.

“The telecommunications brand has identified the Nationwide League One (NLO) as the most critical source and reliable partner to achieve that aim; at the same time.

“MTN will be using the NLO to push their MoMo Money to the minds of all Nigerian youths as a safe platform, to save, do business with their money, and a whole lot of things.

“They will also be dishing out a whole lot of freebies and gift items, to youths that hit the stadium to watch the NLO Cup matches. The telecommunications brand wants to rejuvenate the way Nigerian youths participate in football.”

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