July 21, 2024

Msport Africa has announced a strategic partnership with Johnsons BYGG, a prominent Swedish construction company.

This collaboration enables both organisations to combine their expertise and provide support to football players, helping them achieve their career goals.

According to Matins Ebuka, CEO of Msport, this partnership will yield numerous benefits for players, including access to opportunities and equipment.

In an interview with Myleaguewire, Ebuka said, “We recognize that football in Nigeria is increasingly becoming a sport for the privileged, which motivated me to establish Msports.”

“Our mission is to support young talent, and Johnsons BYGG shares our vision. They have joined forces with us to empower these youngsters.”

Ebuka emphasised the importance of supporting footballers, many of whom struggle to afford basic necessities like quality football shoes.

“Msports bridges this gap by securing partnerships like this one with Johnsons BYGG. Personally, I am thrilled to see my efforts opening doors for me, and I aspire to replicate this success with the young players we support in the future.”

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