May 18, 2024
Gafar Liameed was recognized with the African Achiever Award (Best Youth Developer in Sports)

Founder/Adviser of 36 Lion Football Club of Lagos, Gafar Olawale Liameed, has been rewarded for his impact on grassroots football.

Liammed was presented with an award by the National Youth Congress in an event held in Abuja on the 3rd of November.

Nigeria Youth Congress, in conjunction with the Nigerian Youth Parliament, organized this event; the 2022 African Youth Day Conference, at Rotunda Conference Hall, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Alhaji was recognized with the African Achiever Award (Best Youth Developer in Sports).

Gafar Liameed is a brilliant coach, astute football administrator, and adamantly committed to developing young players.

He was the only African who, in Rio de Janeiro 2016, groomed and presented three Nigerian Olympians who won bronze in the same Olympic year (Imoh Ezekiel, Junior Ajayi and Sodiq Popo)

He is the first African constructing a 36,000-square-meter football vocational school for children between the ages of 14 and 21. He is also the only club founder to provide 18 hours of weekly coaching to his players.

Liameed, a world-class scout with an eagle eye, is the only individual in Africa with youth clubs dispersed over West Africa.

A Lion with more than 36 players currently playing professional football in Europe, United Kingdom, United States of America, Asia, The Gulf, South America and North Africa.

An administrator in the world of football who has invested in several startup companies such as Elegbete T.V., Elegbete Radio, Jive Hub Tech, Compass Prevarsity, etc

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