July 21, 2024

Associate Head Coach of the University of Dayton, Ohio, Alex Ranali, will engage in a discussion with players from Beyond Limits Football Academy.

The session organised by AUS Access is set to hold on Tuesday 4th July 2024, and aims to sensitise the young footballers about the viability of a US college soccer pathway.

Abdul Oganla, founder of AUS Access said the objective is to expose players to the realities of the sport and emphasise the importance of academic pursuits.

“While many of the boys aspire to become professionals, in reality very few will eventually reach top level,” Abdul said to Myleaguewire.

“Our goal is to ensure players understand that there are alternative routes to achieving their football dreams while pursuing education. Even if they don’t get picked or face injuries, they can fall back on their education.”

Beyond Limits FA, boasts of a talented bunch of youngsters. They play in the Nigerian National League and international competitions like the Viareggio Cup and Gothia Cup.

The University of Dayton Soccer Team is part of the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s Division One. They offer a competitive platform for players to pursue their education while playing at a high level.

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