July 21, 2024
To decide the winner, there will be a super 8 after the regular season.

The organizers of Fusion Football Championship have announced that the third edition will kick off by the end of September 2022.

The date was decided upon in a meeting between the organizers and the participating  teams.

The Championship will be having a total number of 20 teams to battle for this season’s trophy. 

It was also agreed that this season’s edition will be played in an abridge format of 10 teams in each group.

To decide the winner, there will be a super 8 after the regular season. 

The winner of the League will receive one million Naira while First and Second Runners up will get 500,000 Naira and 250,000 Naira respectively.

The Fusion Championship will be played at the legacy pitch National stadium and Agege Stadium as soon as it’s reopened. 

Participating clubs are Fluent Vision fc , G12 FC, Ottasolo Feeders , Smartcity Feeders, Divine Praise FC , Youngstars FC, Lekki United FC ,Hyrag FC, Sporting Football Academy ,  Success FC, Klassich FC,  Sgh FC, Faban FC, De Golden Heritage, Team360fc, NorthYork FC, Utility Sports FC, Salamson Football Academy and Emmydinho FC.

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