July 21, 2024
Talented football players will have opportunity to advance their careers thanks to the cooperation, according to Chidi J. Myles.

Nationwide League One (NLO) club, Gbagada Football Club have announced a partnership deal with football scouting website Home Of Ballers as one of their sources for hiring new players.

Home Of Ballers has a portal intended to thoroughly and expertly profile grassroots football players for marketing potential.

Many people refer to the website as the Transfer Market Place for Grassroots Football Players in Africa.

CEO of Home Of Ballers Chidi J. Myles professed his happiness at establishing a collaboration with Gbagada FC.

“We are excited to be part of the Gbagada FC family, our visions are aligned, and we want to contribute our quota to the development of football in Nigeria.

”Our goal is to be a stimulus for the development of Grassroot Football Development and consequentially open new opportunities for all participants on our platforms to Get Scouted.

“This is why we are positioning a global grassroots youth football development powerhouse while empowering and showcasing local youth talents, so this Partnership is a good step in the right direction for us and the Grassroot Community.” he told sportivation.com.ng

Talented football players will have opportunity to advance their careers thanks to the cooperation, according to Chidi J. Myles.

“Gbagada Football Club is one of the few Football Clubs in Nigeria that is setting up the standard when it comes to Players development, branding, and professionalism, it’s a big opportunity for the Grassroot Football Community because this Partnership will pave way for talented players to get trial opportunities with the club, especially players who participated in the HOBS Professional Video Coverage Programs.”

He also opened up on the HOBS video coverage program, which is aimed at giving visibility to grassroots players.

“We have seen some of the major challenge facing the Grassroot Community, today majority of this breed of players do not have quality videos of their games to sell themselves, and also, very few platforms gives them that opportunity to be seen. These challenges led us to the creation of the Home Of Ballers Professional Video Coverage Program, which is aimed at helping grassroots football players get professional video highlights of their games for marketing opportunities and also for players’ individual analysis to get better. While the HOBS Portal is a website that gives these breeds of Players visibility to be Scouted.”

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