April 13, 2024
European scouts will also be on ground to witness this event at the Mobolaji Johnson Arena.

Organizers of the Jagaban Cup have confirmed that football scouts from Europe will be on ground to select outstanding players in the much anticipated tournament.

The competition is scheduled to hold for four days between the 15th to 18th of November 2022.

“On November 15th, six games would hold at Mobolaji Johnson Arena,” the tournament Director Mr Wale Joseph said.

“Day two will see six matches take place at same venue. Day three shall also witness six games being played. The last day will see the third place and final holding.

“Games on 15th, 16th and 17th will be played from 7am to 2pm. There shall be no semi final games. Winners of each Group will proceed to the final.”

“Two runners up of each group shall play the third place match at 2 pm kickoff on Friday, November 18th.

“The reason for November 14th check-in is for every club to arrive on time and not be held up in the morning rush hour traffic,” the Journalist and Administrator said.

The participating teams, Ikorodu City, Messiah FC, MFM FC, Olukismet, Badagry United, De Potters, FC Bethel, Jo Sportyne, Smart City and 36 Lion, have all confirmed their readiness for this tourney.

Media parley and draws would hold on November 14th inside the SWAN Hall of the National Stadium Surulere at 3 pm.

Also, five thousand T-Shirts would be distributed for free on the day of the Grand Finale.

Clubs would be divided into two groups of 5 teams each for a round-robin style format of 70 minutes per match.

The winner of each group shall meet in the final of 40 minutes per half game (80 minutes).

Each group’s runners-up shall play a 3rd place match of 40 minutes per half.

The project is an initiative of 36 Lion Investment, Diamond Sports and Lagos Enigma.

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