May 22, 2024
In response to the accusations, the Nationwide League One have released their verdict.

The Nationwide League One has sanctioned Monty FC following breach of sanity at its match venue.

Sir Monty FC supporters were alleged to have harassed a match official and an eye witness who recorded the show of shame.

The NLO says that its secret match assessor reported that Mr Ireogbu’s mobile phone was seized and he was forced to delete the recorded actions.

Mr Iroegbu was reportedly beaten at the match venue and at his own hotel.

In response to the aforementioned accusations, the Nationwide League One have released their verdict.

  1. Sir Monty FC Uyo will have to play their next three home games behind closed doors.
  2. Sir Monty FC will also pay the sum of 100 Thousand Naira only (N100,000.), within the next 7 days, starting from 20th July 2022.
  3. Sir Monty FC have also being asked to pay the sum fifty thousand naira (50,000.00) through the NLO Secretariat to the assaulted spectator (Mr Iroegbu)
  4. The NLO will report the conduct of the club officials to the Nigeria Football Federation for further sanctions.
  5. The NLO Secretariat has equally commenced investigation into activities of Sir Monty FC in the on-going Nationwide League One Season.

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